Monday, July 5, 2010

Playin' with Pazzles

My neighbor was working on a wedding scrapbook and could not find a reception title. So, she wandered over (with paper in hand :) and requested I make one for her. The couple was married in Hawaii and their colors were pink and orange. Since I'm always looking for an 'excuse' to put my Pazzles Inspiration to use - I gladly accepted the challenge.

Since I already had my Pazzles out I figured I'd put together a birthday card for my friend Mikey. His birthday was in a couple of weeks. So, I might as well get it done too!

The background behind the text and two of the balloons on the birthday card are a light green. The camera just didn't "see" it that way.

I saved both of the files so if you would like to have either of them let me know in your comment. I'd be happy to email them to you. Thank you Klo and the Pazzles Craftroom Tutorials for teaching me how to do these!

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